A Day for Ballet

Today was a special day for my little Goose.  She had been looking forward to it for a while.  We were going to the West Australian Ballet Centre for a little kids Ballet Experience. We were going to watch real ballerinas rehearsing. We were going to have such a fantastic time.  That was until we got there……

Image(Source: WA Ballet)

The little Goose got soooo shy that she sat on my lap for pretty much all of the lesson.  Even when I stood next to her in the class, she still didn’t move.  When I tried recalling my own ballet experience from more than 30 years ago, she still just stared wide eyed at me like I was throwing her to the lions.

Morning tea and craft time came and went, she was still clinging to my side.  I asked her if we should sneak out the door and go home as everyone went upstairs to watch the rehearsal, but she whispered ‘I very want to watch the ballerinas mummy’. So up the stairs we went….and those little eyes changed from being scared and alone to amazed and mesmerised. She told me they were the most beautiful ballerinas she had ever seen. There was a grand piano in the room and as soon as the pianist started, the little smile on the Gooses face got wider and wider and her eyes glazed over and she was gone….off into her own little world, and it was a beautiful sight. She turned to me and asked if we could stay and watch them forever.

So thank you to all the wonderful dancers and staff at West Australian Ballet Centre.  You made my little girls eyes shine so brightly and I don’t care that she didn’t join in with the class – but I love that she loved just watching the real ballerinas!

And what are you to do after watching 20 or so extremely fit, agile, strong, healthy, slim dancers???  Head off to Sherbet of course! My chocolate raspberry cake went down a treat with a chocolate milkshake to share.


I started out thinking the day would be disaster, but as it turned out, it was lovely and my Little Goose had such a good time that 4 hours later she is still trying to point her toes.