I’m Home!!

So here I am, starting a blog about being at home, hence the name Home…with Charlie.  That’s me, Charlie.

Black and white makes it more flattering right?

Black and white makes it more flattering right?

I’m a mum in my late 30’s (urggghhhh) and I’m trying to make my house more like a home. I work a couple of jobs, I have a partner – lets just call him The Man and together we have a beautiful spirited little almost 3 year old girl, a dog, and a big pile of clutter.

My hope is that by documenting my wishlist of changes to the house, it will actually spur me on to get it done.  Either that or the ‘before’ photos will embarrass me so much that I’ll have to admit that this is what my house looks like.  Don’t get me wrong, the bones are good, its a lovely house….but its just that – a house, not a home, and that is what I am trying to make it. Me and my not so crafty hands.   In my mind I can picture it and it looks gorgeous.  Its just my craftiness and ability with tools that let me down.  So lets see where this journey will take us…..are you coming along for the ride?  I’ll keep you updated with the home beautification process, the things we do around here, tips and hints, recipes, crafty ideas and some info on the things I love.

Take Care,

Charlie xx