Australian Top 100 Blogs

So things have been kind of busy around here…..well not on the blog, but at home!  We have been doing lots of behind the scenes clean ups and attending lots of birthday parties and it was also Mother’s Day in there somewhere.  I had the mother-out-law staying with us after surgery for a week and my now 3 year old also had her birthday, which meant a new big girls room had to be done, plus a whole heap of other stuff too.

Big Girls Room

When I started this blog, my then 2 year old was attending a day care kindy one day per week, plus she was also going to her Nanny’s house for a couple of hours on one day – but now she doesn’t go to either of those, so it means less time in front of a computer for me….not great when you have just started a blog….also not great when you have listed your blog on Australian Top 100 Blogs!!


Not that I think I’ll make it into the top 100, but you have to aim for something right?  I’d also love to attend the Problogger Training Event happening later this year, but not sure that I can justify getting there just yet??? What do you think??    I guess I better post a little more often  🙂

Anyway, this is all I can squeeze in while today’s episode of Play School allows me a bit of free time – hopefully I’ll be back soon!

Love Charlie x